Who I AM

  I am a fun-loving, talented stylist.  I give you my experience and heart.   

After High School my hair journey started with an opportunity for me to be a “shampoo girl” in a small Charlottesville salon.  I apprenticed with the salon owner and became a licensed cosmetologist.  With years of hard work and dedication to my craft, I now consider myself a Master Stylist. I am committed to knowing more, doing more and being one of the best.


 So far, I have an amazing life because of my career. My son Dylan, is in his first year at  JMU and has had all the best I could give with being a hairstylist.   I miss him terribly every day.  Looking back, I got to participate in his sporting activities, go to rowing competitions, football games, countless practices.  Those were the days!  NOW…as a young empty nester……..I work hard, play hard and love people.   My days are spent with my clients having a little fun, and doing lots of hair.  In my free time I have a home that is truly a retreat.  In the mornings I drink coffee on my front porch , say a little prayer, add to my gratitude list and start my day from there.  After work you can find me wearing earbuds listening to a podcast while drawing in my sketchbook, or reading a James Patterson mystery.  I love to walk on trails and look at the beautiful local landscape along the way. Who could ask for more?


The secret to my daily success is Laughter.  I am easy going, light hearted and love to smile! Sometimes I listen to stand up comedy on the way to work.   I have a big sense of humor and a quick wit.  I crave laughter, and hope to help each client smile. 


 In my studio I am good at helping with hair woes.  I enjoy working with clients to find solutions for hair problems.  I am confident with any hair discussion, and thrive with clients who like classic tasteful looks. I do not take big risks with my clients hair, as  I believe going with what you naturally have works best. I am a conservative and consistent stylist.  We all get bored…. So believe me, I can find a way to add a splash of fun!  


After starting my own business in 2018, I knew my plan was to serve in a smaller capacity.  I wanted to be home more, and serve like minded family focused clients.  I want to know my clients personally.  Having this holistic approach gives me more insight into clients lives, therefore, more opportunity to help with beauty decisions. I collaborate, discuss, and ask questions to find the right path.   The elevated personal hair experience is the vibe in my studio.  I am here for you. 



What I Do

 I bring  to light your hair dreams.  I focus on tasteful classic styles, fused with fun subtle trends.   I use soft quintessential hair color techniques and tailored cutting methods.    Your hair is treated as individual. Making you feel that twinge of self-confidence is WHAT I DO. 

  What i Offer

*prices are shown in ranges, to give the degree of care required

*all services are al la carte and include a blow out




Quarter: $70-95 | Half/partial $150-190 | Full: $170-220





Mixed techniques

New Growth

$85 and up

Grey coverage

Base colors

Root touch-ups

10-minute root color

*An additional charge will be added for those with excessive grow out.



All genders/ adults only

Wavy, semi-curly and straight textures only.

Before your cut, you will have a one-on-one consultation and a specialized shampoo and conditioning treatment.
Once your cut has been mastered, your hair will be blown out and styled.

If applicable, a hot steam towel with essential oils, and beard conditioning.

Shine/ base break/Glaze/ Treatments


Add warmth

Cancel warmth

Add clear shine

Add depth

blend gray






*cancelling without a 48 hour notice will result in a balance of the FULL PRICE of the missed appointment.  This balance will need to be paid before rescheduling.


 * I am  located in a RESIDENTIAL area, in the shops at Liberty Hall.  My studio is across from Harris Teeter, and underneath townhomes.  I am down the sidewalk from Crozet eye care.  For your first appointment I will send pictures and helpful hints.   Please help me be a good neighbor, and call me if you get lost.  Do not walk into other businesses to ask, as it interferes with their COVID procedures.  Please just call me.


 * kids that can entertain themselves, stay safe, and not disturb other guests are  always welcome.

*For social media purposes, I may take photos during your appointment. Please let me know if this is a problem.







*please cancel if you are experiencing ANY symptoms Covid related or otherwise contagious of ANY nature.

*You must wear a mask, the type that loops around your ears.

*To minimize contact/exposure time, I will invoice you via email.  You can also use venmo, cash, or a check written to Holly Herring.  Paying after you leave gives me time to clean for my next guest.

*ANY special concerns, please reach out.  I am happy to discuss options.


Products We Use

New Location!



580 Radford Lane

Suite 108

Charlottesville, VA 22903

*Same name, same website, same COVID procedures, same hair color, same scissors and same silly me!!

Thank you so much for your support! I am so very grateful.

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